How Many Goals Did Lacazette Score Last Season?

Does lacazette have a wife?

Is Alexandre Lacazette married.

Lacazette has not confirmed his marital status, but he is thought to be unmarried.

The Frenchman has reportedly been in a relationship with Manon Mogavero for the last five years..

How long is lacazette contract?

On 5 July 2017, Lacazette signed a reported five-year deal for Premier League club Arsenal for a club record fee; Lyon disclosed that the fee was an initial €53 million (£46.5 million) plus up to €7 million (£6.1 million) in potential bonuses.

What is rashford position?

ForwardMarcus Rashford/Position

How many goals did lacazette score this season?

3 goalsHow many goals has Alexandre Lacazette scored this season? In the current season Alexandre Lacazette scored 3 goals. In the club he scored 3 goals ( Europa League , Capital One, Premier League). Alexandre Lacazette this seasons has also noted 0 assists, played 1118 minutes, with 6 times he played game in first line.

How many minutes has lacazette played this season?

Alexandre Lacazette’s Form Analysis Alexandre Lacazette is a Forward who has appeared in 6 matches this season in Premier League, playing a total of 425 minutes.

How old is lacazette?

29 years (May 28, 1991)Alexandre Lacazette/Age

How old is martial?

24 years (December 5, 1995)Anthony Martial/Age

How many goal has Rashford scored?

Premier League RecordAppearances148Goals46Assists23

Who is EPL top scorer?

GoalsAlan. Shearer. 260.Wayne Rooney. 208.Andrew Cole. 187.Sergio Agüero Man City. 180.Frank Lampard. 177.Thierry Henry. 175.Robbie Fowler. 163.Jermain Defoe. 162.More items…

When did lacazette last score?

It’s emblematic of where Lacazette is at the moment. The Frenchman has not scored since December 12th, in a Europa League dead rubber at Standard Liege. His last Premier League goal, just his fifth of the season, came in defeat to Brighton back on December 5th.

How many goals did Lacazette scored for Arsenal?

32Premier League Playing CareerClubApps (Subs)GoalsArsenal32 (6)14Other CompetitionsInternational Champions Cup0 (0)0UEFA Champions League0 (0)020 more rows

How much did Arsenal pay Aubameyang?

On 31 January 2018, Aubameyang signed for Premier League club, Arsenal, for a then-club-record fee, reported to be £56 million.

How old is Aubameyang?

31 years (June 18, 1989)Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang/Age

Where is Alexandre Lacazette from?

Arsenal F.C.#9 / ForwardAlexandre Lacazette/Current teams

How old is Willian of Chelsea?

32 years (August 9, 1988)Willian/Age

Who scored 18 goals for Arsenal?

Lukas PodolskiTheo Walcott is the current leading scorer in the Arsenal squad, with 64 goals, while Lukas Podolski has the best goals per game ratio – he has netted 18 from 46 matches at 0.391 per game….Current leading scorers *with 10 goals or more.PlayerGoalsGoals per gameMikel Arteta130.141Laurent Koscielny100.0769 more rows•Nov 15, 2013

How many goals has rashford this season?

8 goalsHow many goals has Marcus Rashford scored this season? In the current season Marcus Rashford scored 8 goals. 1 goals in national team( Nations League Division A, Friendlies).

What car does lacazette drive?

0.9 matchesClub/FootballerReportedly Owned CarCar Paid Off InJack WilshereFerrari 4581.43 games playedAlexandre LacazetteFerrari 4881.02 games playedJavier HernandezAston Martin DB90.99 games playedCesc FabregasAston Martin DB90.89 games played60 more rows

What position does lacazette?

ForwardAlexandre Lacazette/Position

How many goals has Firmino scored this year?

5 goalsHow many goals has Roberto Firmino scored this season? In the current season Roberto Firmino scored 5 goals. 2 goals in national team( World cup). In the club he scored 3 goals ( Premier League, Champions League, Friendlies).

How many assists does Pepe have for Arsenal?

6 Assists 6Premier League RecordAppearances37Goals6Assists6