Is Alcohol Served On Royal Brunei Flights?

How safe is Brunei?

Brunei is super safe Unlike other destinations in Southeast Asia, Brunei is probably the safest.

With ultra-low crime rates (apart from the occasionally petty theft), solo travellers always feel safe in Bandar Seri Begawan at all times of the day and night..

What planes do Royal Brunei use?

Our FleetBoeing 787.Airbus A320ceo.Airbus A320neo.

Can you get alcohol on Royal Brunei flights?

You may wish to note that the official policy that “Royal Brunei Airlines operates alcohol-free flights to all destinations”.

Is alcohol served on international flights?

For flights over 2,200 miles or more than 4.5 hours, it’s pretzels or Biscoff cookies and a drink—no snacks or food for purchase (a one-tray meal and some additional snacks and alcohol served in first). Alcohol or meals are only available in economy on long-haul international flights.

Can I smoke in Brunei?

Smoking Brunei has been completely smoke-free since the sultan made a birthday wish for his subjects to be healthy on his birthday in 2017 (the sultan’s wishes always come true). Tough anti-smoking laws ban puffing in all public spaces, and you’re not allowed to import any tobacco into the country either.

Are Royal Brunei a good airline?

Flight from Melbourne to Brunei is very good from airline to crew. Pros: Very clean aircraft, very good service from friendly, helpful crew, entertainment system is very good.

What is banned in Brunei?

Most laws under Common Law and the Sharia Penal Code apply to all people in Brunei, regardless of nationality or religion. Adultery and close proximity in private between an unmarried man and woman is illegal if one party is a Muslim. Possession of pornographic material is illegal. Homosexual activity is illegal.

Is Brunei expensive?

Brunei has a reputation for being expensive for travellers. In some respects it is. When you compare the cost of travel in Brunei to somewhere like Vietnam, it is a little pricer. … Just like in Vietnam, you can grab a meal for as little as $1, and a bus ride in Bandar Seri Begawan is 80 cents per journey.

Is there WIFI on Royal Brunei?

There is no Inflight Wifi (Paid or Free) in any of Royal Brunei Airlines flights.

Does Brunei Airlines serve alcohol?

Royal Brunei does not serve alcoholic beverages on board its flights. Non-Muslim passengers are however, permitted to bring along their own alcohol for consumption on board. This reflects the Bruneian government’s policy on the sale and importation of alcohol in Brunei.

Do hotels in Brunei serve alcohol?

Brunei is a Muslim country and therefore does not sell alcohol in shops or hotels. You can take your own, if you have bought some into the country, (I think yiu can bring a bottle of spirits per person) and then into the hotel to consume in your room, however it is important not to appear drunk in public.

Does Royal Brunei have inflight entertainment?

From the latest box-office titles to classic Hollywood films, and offering a wide selection of music and TV series, Royal Brunei Airlines’ IMPIAN Entertainment System brings you the world’s best entertainment options on a personalized screen.