Quick Answer: What Quarterback Has The Strongest Arm In NFL History?

Who had the strongest arm in the NFL?

Jamarcus Russell- one of the strongest arms to ever, can sling the ball 80+yds down the field effortlessly..

Which quarterback can throw the farthest?

MahomesMahomes has been established as the -140 favorite to unleash the longest throw during the competition.

Does Josh Allen have the strongest arm in the NFL?

Josh Allen received the game’s highest rating in arm strength with a 99 and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes had the second highest with a 97. It’s no secret that Allen has a cannon for a right arm.

What quarterback can throw 100 yards?

quarterback Patrick MahomesKansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes says he can throw ball ‘100 yards’ in Mexico City. Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was quoted on “Pardon My Take” saying that he can throw the football 100 yards in Mexico City.

Can an NFL QB throw 100 yards?

No. The furthest thrown football ever recorded and actually proven was Vinny Testaverde’s 80 yard throw in the 1988 NFL Quarterback Challenge. Lamar Jackson’s supposed 100 yard throw could not be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. He was never able to even come close to 100 yards since the supposed throw.

What is Tom Brady’s farthest throw?

Approximately 100 milesHis longest recorded throw was from Gillete Stadium in Foxboro, MA to Hartford, CT during a practice in 2008. Approximately 100 miles. It doesn’t matter how far he can throw because the receivers can only run so far and the linemen can only block for so long. He can throw as far as he has to.

Who has the weakest arm in the NFL?

Matt CasselMatt Cassel. The weakest arm among the starting NFL quarterbacks belongs to Kansas City Chiefs’ passer Matt Cassel.

Who threw the fastest football?

If Allen hits 70 miles per hour, he would absolutely smash the combine record. Although Flaherty said the record is 66 mph, the fastest throw since official record-keeping began in 2008 is just 60 mph.

Who threw the football the hardest?

John ElwayFastest Ever Brett Favre is estimated at 63 mph, and Indianapolis Colts QB Peyton Manning, 59 mph on short hard throws. The hardest thrower ever may have been the Denver Broncos’ John Elway, who may have thrown in the rare category of above 60 mph.

What NFL quarterback has the strongest arm of all time?

Jeff GeorgeJeff George probably had the strongest arm of any QB ever.

Who threw the longest pass in the air in NFL history?

According to the Rochester Journal, in 1935, Chicago Bears quarterback Fred Crawford tossed an 85-yard bomb to receiver Eddie Kawal, and this appears to be the longest through-the-air pass on record.

How far can a HS QB throw?

A lot probably depends on the size of the school. Schools with a couple thousand students will probably have a QB that can throw it at least 50ish yards in pads, but a school with 500 kids is a lot more likely to have a QB that can only throw it around 40-45 yards.